Travelling back in the past of grunge

by Ted Valentin, Boutique Hotel Expert
The Hotel Chelsea, a historic and infamous hotel in New York City, is re-opening to the public after a decade of ownership changes and renovations. It is a large and imposing building and has been described as both tawdry and glamorous.

In 1884, French-born architect Philip Hubert built The Hotel Chelsea in New York. The hotel was designed as a cooperative where residents could share the costs of housing, fuel, and food, freeing up time for creative pursuits. The hotel quickly became a home for eccentrics and artists.  

Over the years, the hotel has been visited by many famous people, including Mark Twain, Isadora Duncan, and the Frohman brothers. Therefore many parties and gatherings have been held at the hotel over the years, and it has become known for its creative and chaotic atmosphere. 

The hotel's interiors are simple and dated, but the rooms are bright and furnished in a simple style. The Deluxe Double Room with Balcony offers a small outdoor space with a table, a set of chairs, and views across Chelsea, for cozy evening tea. The Room At The Top is the most special in the hotel, with an attic-like design and a private roof deck.  

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