The Cosy Greydon House Hotel

by Alexandra Bocheliuk, Content Manager & Hotel Researcher
Nantucket is a charming destination with great beaches, Quaker cottages, and many high-quality restaurants and boutique hotels.

Staying at Greydon House is an exceptional experience - it's a sea captain's former home in the best place in Nantucket, complete with a mix of modern and old-world decor. 

Each room is individually furnished with intriguing found treasures, including 19th-century furnishings, block-printed linens, and antique mirrors. 

Greydon House also has a cozy library on the ground floor. There are all kinds of books, like books on ocean adventure or gardens in America. 

The in-house Italian restaurant, Via Mare, serves small bites inspired by Venetian bacaris. Behind the bar are painted scenes of Chinese merchant ports by Dean Barger.