A luxurious hotel that resembles an art museum

by Jonatan Heyman, Developer & Avid Traveler
If you are a traditional folk art lover, check out this unique hotel with more than 50 hand-painted works by Le Dinh Nghien, considered Vietnam's last Hang Trong artist. This place looks like a museum of national culture.

Smarana Hanoi Heritage is a hotel designed to look like a large-scale exhibition of Hang Trong folk paintings. The paintings are a quintessential line of art pieces from the late 19th and early 20th centuries that show the outstanding aesthetic taste and painting level of the ancient land artists.  

Smarana Hanoi Heritage hotel took inspiration from Tu Binh paintings for its 4 room categories: Tung, Cuc, Truc, and Mai of Hang Trong folk paintings. The hotel has a collection of more than 50 paintings hand-painted by artist Le Dinh Nghien, with the highlight being the word "Phuc" integrated with the Twenty-four filial piety with a height of up to 2m placed at the main door of the hotel. This is considered the largest Hang Trong painting in existence up to this point.

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